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Scenes from Oslo


Scandinavia is one of my favourite travel destinations. Its unique architecture, intense colours, wild nature and everyday life are only a few of the things worth experiencing.

Oslo is the capital of Norway. Oslo is considered a global city and has a population of 650.000. The population was during the early 2000 increasing at record rates, making it the fastest growing major city in Europe at the time. The immigrant population in the city is growing somewhat faster than the Norwegian population, and this is now almost one third of the total.

The city centre is situated at the end of the Oslofjord, and it's surrounded by green hills, mountains, lakes and small islands. It is a walkable city and easy to get around. Two of the most popular lakes are Sognsvann, recreational area with tons of activities, and Østensjøvannet, Oslo's richest wetland and bird reserve area.