Michalis Koulieris is a photographer and a content creator based in Crete, Greece.


current PROJECTS:

Nature of Crete
Τα Μυστικά του Κήπου
Πράσινο Σχολείο

PHOTOGRAPHY exhibitions:

Thessaloniki Photobiennale
Athens Photo Festival
Kythera Photographic Encounters


With an academic background in ecology and agriculture, Michalis studied phototography and digital media to pursuit his creative passion. 

His current projects include: Πράσινο Σχολείο, a non-profit dedicated to planting edible schoolyards, and Τα Μυστικά του Κήπου, the most popular website about gardening in Greece.

He has held two personal photography exhibitions and several group exhibitions, with the most noteable being at Thessaloniki Photobiennale (solo), Kythera Photographic Encounters and Athens Photo Festival.